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Frequently Asked Questions

We help pharmacists find shifts and jobs in pharmacies throughout Australia. We are an easy and convenient option for ALL pharmacists who want to earn more income WITHOUT committing to regular hours, chasing payments, or creating invoices.

More flexibility Greater freedom. Better remuneration.

You can choose the shifts that fit your schedule and don't have to commit to regular, traditional hours.

What's more? We make it simple for you to negotiate your remuneration, automate invoicing and receive payments for your services within 72 hours of completing a shift.

Yes, you can. It doesn't matter whether you already have a full-time job in a pharmacy or elsewhere. We can help you make some stress-free extra cash by allowing you to choose shifts that fit your existing work schedule.

If you are a locum pharmacist, you can use Gig Pharmacists to fill your calendar quickly!

You won't have to worry about any expensive agency fees or commissions. Signing up, viewing and accepting postings is entirely free of charge. However, we do charge a small processing fee of 4% + $4.99 ex GST to help cover merchant and transaction charges, but don't worry, it's deducted from the pharmacy payout to you.

You can sign up on this page. Please provide a valid email address, password and APHRA number. Validate your email address by clicking the link sent to you in a confirmation email. You can now go on to complete your profile.

When you complete your Profile, Contact and Superannuation details, the platform will generate invoices and superannuation notices on your behalf and sends them to the pharmacy, saving countless hours generating your own invoices!

You can view shifts and job listings without completing your details, but you won't be able to bid for a shift or apply for a job.

Step 1: Get and provide an ABN.

You must provide an ABN so that the platform can send your invoice to the pharmacy on your behalf. You can click here to apply for an ABN for free here. For a step to step guide, read our blog here

Step 2: Complete your Profile

Enter your professional details and upload your photo.

Step 3: Complete your Contact Details

Please provide your contact information, which will be shown on your invoices.

Step 4: Complete your superannuation details

Under the superannuation guarantee regulations, the pharmacy must pay the superannuation component of your fees directly into your nominated super fund. When you successfully complete a shift, we will send your superannuation details to the pharmacy on your behalf.

Yes, you can!

Once your profile is complete, you can bid for as many shifts as you can manage.

Bids will automatically expire after 72 hours. Please avoid bidding on conflicting shifts - you can only be in one place at a time.

You can communicate with the pharmacy using our messaging service, 'Messages'.

No, you are not bound to accept the pharmacy's rate. You can nominate your rate, which might be higher or lower than the pharmacy rate.

Plus, you also can add a travel allowance and request accommodation.

You may be competing with other pharmacists for the same shift; therefore, you might want to keep your rates competitive.

The pharmacy deposits the payment in trust with us before you begin the shift. Once your shift is completed, our system automatically generates your invoice and forwards it to the pharmacy.

We will deposit your payment minus the processing fee (4% plus $4.99) into your nominated account within 72 hours. Under the superannuation guarantee, the pharmacy must pay the superannuation component of your fee into your nominated super fund.

You can request to cancel a confirmed shift in an emergency by emailing support at [email protected] and contacting the pharmacy directly.

We do not assist the pharmacy in finding a replacement pharmacist. There is a cancellation fee of $50 to cover costs, and the pharmacy may leave a negative review.

Yes, a pharmacy can cancel a shift. In such a case, the contract gets terminated, and you can move to get other shifts.

We are a platform that connects pharmacies to pharmacists. Our objective is to maximise the workforce to meet the needs of your pharmacy.

You can post shifts ranging from a couple of hours to a few weeks for hundreds of pharmacists to see.

This significantly curbs the time spent texting individual contacts without a response. Use our network to help you attend to family emergencies, take a well-deserved break, or manage your pharmacy staffing levels without entering a long-term commitment.

You can sign up on this page.

Here, you will be asked to enter a valid email address, a password, and an approval number. Non-PBS pharmacies can sign up too.

We will send a confirmation email containing a link to the provided email address, which you'll need to click on for verification.

We do not charge expensive agency fees or commissions. We prefer to help your business find help without paying extravagant fees!

It is entirely free to sign up and posts shifts or job positions.

There is a small processing fee of 6% + $4.99 ex GST to help cover merchant and transaction charges.

That's it.

Here are the steps on how to complete your profile and enter your payment details:

Go to your profile page. Enter your details.

Go to your contact page. Enter your details.

Click on the "Payment details" tab.

Enter your payment information.

Click on the "Save" button.

Once you have completed your profile and entered your payment details, you will be able to post shifts and jobs. You will only be charged for a shift when you accept a bid from a pharmacist. Connecting to a pharmacist about a long-term job position is always free.

Pharmacists may nominate a higher or lower hourly rate than your offer. They may also request for travel allowance or accommodation.

You need to consider the expenses alongside the experience you are looking for before choosing which pharmacist is best suited for your business.

Your card details are stored securely by an approved third-party payment company Stripe. We do not have access to your payment details.

You will authorize payment once you accept a bid, and the shift will be confirmed.

Once the shift has been completed, the funds will be released to the pharmacist and you will receive an invoice and superannuation notice. Under the superannuation guarantee, you are required to pay the superannuation component of the fees directly into the pharmacist's nominated super fund.

You can communicate with the pharmacist using our messaging service 'Messages'.

Can I cancel a confirmed shift? If yes, how?

You can cancel a confirmed shift by emailing support at [email protected]. The funds will be credited back to your credit card minus the processing fees.

The cancellation fee equates to the processing fee (6% + $4.99 ex GST).

Yes, your selected pharmacists can cancel a shift. In such a case, the contract gets terminated, and you are free to choose another pharmacist. This type of cancellation comes at no cost to you.